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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section!    Photos to follow so you can put a face to the name.

Our Governors :
MRS RUTH SHIRLEY                                      CHAIR                                     FOUNDATION GOVERNOR
MRS LUCY DYDE                                       VICE CHAIR                                FOUNDATION GOVERNOR
MR PETER CROKER                                                                                      FOUNDATION GOVERNOR
MRS TRISH HARPER                                                                                     FOUNDATION GOVERNOR
MRS MARY HARTE                                                                                        FOUNDATION GOVERNOR

MR TONY KIELY                                                                                             FOUNDATION  GOVERNOR

MR PETER CROKER                                                                                      FOUNDATION GOVERNOR

MRS KAREN SALE                                                                                         PARENT GOVERNOR 

MRS GRACE TYRRELL                                                                                  PARENT GOVERNOR

MISS CLAIRE DUNN                                                                                       FOUNDATION GOVERNOR
MRS AMANDA FINCH                                                                                   TEACHER GOVERNOR
MRS LIZZIE KELLEHER                                                                              SUPPORT STAFF GOVERNOR
VACANCY                                                                                                    LOCAL AUTHORITY GOVERNOR
MRS KATE CONNELLY                                                                                    HEAD TEACHER
MRS JACQUELINE SHEARER                                                                         CLERK
Governor Support Team
New Council Offices
Earl Street
All members of the Governing Body may be contacted through the school on Coventry 7646 6655 or by letter marked ‘Confidential’.

No governors have expressed business interests in the school. 

Role of Governors
Purposeful Leadership
  • To support and encourage the Head in the school improvement process
  • To encourage participation with staff and appropriate delegation
Shared Vision and Goals
  • To participate in the vision of the school and setting goals.
  • To review and monitor the vision
A Learning Environment
  • To ensure the physical environment is conducive to learning
Concentration on Teaching and Learning
  • To visit school to observe and feedback to Governing Body
Purposeful Teaching
  • To be a “critical” friend
High Expectations
  • To emphasise governors support for high expectations for all
  • To communicate to staff / parents
Positive Reinforcement
  • To ensure this key part of the behaviour code
  • To feedback to staff and Head on improvements
Monitor Progress
  • To ensure that the whole school and class progress is monitored regularly and evaluated.
  • To ensure action is taken
Pupil rights and Responsibilities
  • To encourage school to give responsibility to pupils
Home School Partnership
  • To encourage parental involvement
A Learning Organisation
  • To allow time in the budget for staff development, staff consultation, leaders working with other staff

Documents - please click to open

doc.gif: Governor Code of Pratice 2015

Governor Code of Pratice 2015

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